Quick Creative Stuff Updates

It’s comics day!
Also, I have three subscribers to the comic: thank you for feeding the jaguar! Between them those people are paying for almost half the month’s bonus Friday comics! Very exciting.

We are $2.50 from another Earthrise tomorrow! You can donate here to tip us over the edge.

There will be more meta-conversations on the topic of Ai-Naidar and fighting, so keep your questions/comments coming! Being me, I’m not tempted to veer off into the history of personal costume after that revelation about the utilitarian use of clothes as a cushion against casual injury, but I am noting your other questions also. Four Tales is going to take place almost entirely in the capital and concern itself with the workings of normal Ai-Naidari households, so the impetus to consider these things is handy.

Anyway. Onward!

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