Popcorn Jaguars

Sunday I am going to edit Mindline. This is less work and more pleasure, because I literally don’t remember any of the book except that last few scenes. It’ll be like reading something new to me (that I’ll also be able to change to please me better!). I have to work up the cover and take care of some other administrivia stuff (like the Alysha’s Fall Kickstarter–update on that coming Monday).

…but other than that, I am done with the Writing New Things deadlines I had for this year…

…and I feel like the inside of my head has erupted with popcorn jaguars, all tumbling around with glee.

What idea should I do!

What project should I dabble in!

Should I drop a few words on that?

Should I paint this?

How about sketching! I could sketch!

Ooh, Morgan book 2!

Ooh, Faerie Farmer!

Oooh, Alysha! Jokka! Some short stories! Dragons!

Wait, I could do NOTHING! Or catch up with accounting–I wonder how much money I’ve made this year? Wait, Christmas cards! I could send all the cards! OH WAIT I AM SO GOOD AT HARD WORK I COULD DO ALLLLL THESE THINGS!

*falls over, twitching with HAPPY*

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