Pondering 2014

I usually have the year to come planned by December, and I have been a little bit behind on that. But I’ve been noodling with it, finally, and here’s what the developing plan looks like:

New Projects to Write
* Laisrathera (first, in spring)
* Morgan, Book 2 (next, summerish)
* Unplanned Project (whatever catches my fancy)

I don’t know if I’ve ever formally stated it, but internally I am committed to not making readers wait longer than a year between books in a series. That’s why I spent so much of 2013 writing sequels, and why the first half of 2014 I’ve set aside for writing (yet more) sequels. This year I’m not going to aim for a book a quarter, though. I want to see how I feel as I work, since doing four books this year was strenuous. Three might be Not Enough, though. I get weird if I’m not working. I might try a smallish project (like Ereseya’s chapbook) as a fourth “new material” initiative.

Projects Already Done, to Be Published
* Heir (Morgan Book 1), once it’s done serializing
* Alysha Book 1 (Sword of the Alliance), once I edit it

I really want to get Sword out! I’ve been sitting on it and Either Side of the Strand, the second Alysha novel, far too long.

Projects to Fund
* Laundry Dragons (in spring)
* Audiobooks: Rose Point and/or the podcast production of Shell

Children’s book is mostly done, but needs money. The audiobook stuff right now is the most costly thing I do, edition-wise, so I think it would be prudent to collect even part of the money I need to get it done. I was hoping to start producing one of those projects right off the bat in January, but I didn’t have a chance to launch any of the Kickstarters this year the way I planned, so those two editions will have to wait.

Projects to Finish That I Didn’t Get to in 2013
* Alysha’s Fall (*sigh*)
* Ai-Naidari Guidebook, now Conversations with the Ai-Naidar
* Print Edition, Mindline
* Three Jaguars Comic Collection
* Blade to Your Hand experimental chapbook
* Print Edition, Jahir & Vasiht’h case studies/short stories

Lots of stuff I’d like to polish off here, which is either partially or mostly done.

I worry there’s not enough new stuff coming out to keep me interested, but the fact of the matter is that I still have too much backlogged material to get off my hard drive. Sitting on my writing career for ten years made for a lot of backlog. 2014 should see me clear out almost all of that, though, if I get Heir and Sword and Her Instruments done, so that leaves me a lot more open for 2015. So I will put the work in now, so I can enjoy myself then!

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