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The Patreon content, which Patreon broke access to because they are the worst. Please don’t share this URL.

  • Brass Candy Girl: sequel to “The Elements of Freedom” in Claws and Starships (short, found family drama, feel-good)
  • Precious Things: how Lesandurel and Sydnie Unfound met (short, holiday-themed)
  • Field Research: Kis’eh’t’s backstory (short, drama)
  • Healing Waters: Jahir and Paga swim in the waters (also in the back of the new edition of Family)
  • Leadership Lessons: Alysha being young (feel good story)
  • In the Line of Duty: Older Alysha being heroic (straightforward action short)
  • Dark Lighthouse: Taylitha and a disastrous dinner (drama, short story)

Note that works-in-progress (inevitably shared as Google docs) will only be available via Discord, since those URLs are ephemeral and I take them down without notice, or when I’m done editing and the story is available via some other venue.