Painting Continues

Went back to work on the Godkin 2 cover… this time outside, next to a swamp! Because I live in a swamp that’s perched on a sandbar, so I don’t have to go far to find one.

In which I set the background on fire! Because having a warm-colored background is not a challenge or anything…

…where I stopped, early because I was getting a headache squinting at it. Sadly, the evidence is definite. I need to go to an eye doctor and get up-close glasses to go with my far-away ones. This is my sadface.

My eye problem has definitely slowed me down. I’m still going to have this done within a few sessions, but I would probably have halved the time had I not been squinting at it so much. But hey, even slow progress is better than none, so I’m going to be pleased. *nods*

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