Oh Those Ai-Naidar

I blame kelkyag@LJ for this one, because our discussion in the “Breath” entry prompted me to ask some questions. I was having trouble figuring out how to describe “having breath” as being different from “having heart” or “having soul” and this is how I found out “have” is a special class of verb for the Ai-Naidar.

So, the verbs “to Have” make two trees. One tree describes things that you have by your own effort, personality, talent, etc. The other describes things you have that you have no control over having. Off hand, I have noticed these versions:

simai – to have (by intrinsic quality) – so, say, you were born pretty or smart
sim – to have (by receiving or being given it, in a way that suggests divine externality) – so, say, duty and caste are things you receive this way.
temin – to have by making – so, something you have because you practice or create it
temshe – to have by being given it, in a normal interpersonal way – like a gift
temir – to have by earning – so, say, a level of skill or an award for valor

Interestingly, the word to be in Ai-Naidari is… sim. Which is the same word as having by receiving as divine right or necessity or gift. So you don’t say ‘I am’. You say ‘I have (everything, because it was endowed to me).’ You can say that you “have life” but this is a far more specific construction and doesn’t imply everything that simply ‘I have’ does. It’s an active sort of existence, having rather than being.

At least this is my understanding now.

I am still working through the implications of a people who frame existence as having something divine. Duty. Life. Breath. You aren’t you, you are what you were given. Now you go do something with it, to give it back. You don’t exist until you’re in motion, completing the circuit.

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