News for a Monday

As much to keep it all straight in my head as anything else:

Book News
• Rose Point launches this Wednesday! I hope you’re ready for more of Reese and Hirianthial. :)
• I’ve finally heard some positive news about the illustrations for Alysha’s Fall, and hope to see those start arriving by the end of the month.
• Our street date for Godkin 2 is in March. I really regret how long it’s taken to get this book out, but it’s in progress, I promise. And future sequels aren’t going to take this long to make it to shelves.
• Related, I’m already 30 pages into Mindline. My plan is still to have that one out by Christmas.

Audio/Livestreaming News
• I’m in the middle of discussing a possible podcast project for next year, and if the contract negotiations go well I will be livestreaming The Worth of a Shell twice a month, all year, until we’re done! We’ll have regular hang-out times where you can come watch me paint, chat a while, and then we can all listen to a half-hour Jokka segment. The MP3s will go up on my website so if you miss a segment you can download it and catch up with us!
• I’ve got several audiobooks coming down the pipe, and I’ve found a great voice for the Alysha work, so that’s going to be my next push in audio releases.

Kickstarter News
• As I said up above, I’ve got some positive movement on Alysha’s Fall, which makes me happy. I’ll post sketches when I receive them. Also, I’ve got a good lead on music for the book trailer, and when I get the soundtrack I’ll upload the new version (and add it to Amazon, looks like they have a place for book trailers).
• The children’s book kickstarter is ready to go, more or less, but I’m not comfortable launching it until I’m in the fulfillment phase of the project I’m involved in now. I’m not sure when that will be but I will keep you all updated.
• Also, sort of Kickstarter-related, I am happy with my plan for the Ai-Naidari Guidebook, but I’m not sure I’m going to get to it before December. We’ll see how the other projects in the queue line up.

Random Stuff
• I am pretty sure I have forgotten to transfer a lot of the new Ai-Naidari words in the meta-conversations I’ve done lately into the wiki’s vocabulary page. If some enterprising soul gets to that before me I’ll be hilariously, deeply grateful, but I will get to it at some point.
• The only micro-critter left at this point is the hippoeelus! All the pieces already bought will go out this week.

• Con this weekend! I’ll be at an author alley table all weekend at NecronomiCon (with Kit, who painted the gorgeous new Jokka covers!), so if you’re in town come say hello!

I should note that I am currently running over capacity and a lot of things are getting lost in the shuffle. If you email me about anything that doesn’t require an immediate response (like paying for art), it’s unlikely I’ll be able to answer you in a timely fashion. That’s not because I don’t care! But I have 4-6 projects I want to finish before 2013′s over, and I’m working those on top of my normal life/parenting/day job/etc. Don’t take any delays personally, please, and be patient with me. :)

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