News for a Friday: Coming Soon, Calling All Freelancers, and Other Sundries

First and importantly: I am collecting names of freelancers who make their services available to authors who are publishing their own work. If you make art for covers, do design for print or covers, edit, proof-read, do marketing and promotion, do accounting for artists, etc, etc, etc, I would love to have your name on my spreadsheet. If you know someone who does these things, or have hired them to do something and are pleased, please tell them about my sheet and encourage them to add their names! This is a tool I hope to make available to SFWA as part of my attempts to help make self-publishing easier for its members.

Also, if you review indie-published books, there’s a place for you to fill out information too. And the authors sending you books from this spreadsheet would presumably be able to put basic sentences together. *grin*

Here’s the link to the editable spreadsheet, and thank you. :)


Shorter notes:

• We are $20 or 4 reviews away from our bonus serial episode on Friday!

• Rose Point is nearly ready for sale! Just waiting on the cover and the print interior block. *rubs hands together*

• Earthrise audiobook is on its way to retail! (Hirianthial sounds like a younger Thirukedi. *fans self*)

• The AF stuff is still waiting on the illustrations. I decided to put together the new cover for it myself and am half-done with that.

• I am still musing on my kindle raffle! I should stop musing and get it done. Maybe beginning of October.

• Ditto on the Laundry Dragons Kickstarter.

• Ditto on the fall newsletter.

• Finally, Sofawolf’s gotten behind running Ursula Vernon’s Kickstarter. I don’t have a solid date yet, but it looks like Godkin 2 won’t be out until next year.

And that’s it for now! More later, if I come up with something.

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