Monday, with Triumph

The Kickstarter has ended today with a total of $3510 and 114 backers; that’s 234% funded after three weeks. All I can say is OMG. I think after I make this post I will go stare into space and vibrate…!

Word of the Day
alembic, n. 1. Anything that transforms, purifies, or refines. 2. A vessel with a beaked cap or head, formerly used in distilling.

I was aware of #2, but #1 is spiffy! Apparently from Arabic, al-anbiq, “a distilling cup.”

Wiki Page of the Day
While my intrepid wiki-editors have been busy with other things (you should see the thinking LianaMir is putting into the Ai-Naidar section!), I’ve been sneaking in data-dumps from my ancient Alliance writer’s bible. Observe, for instance, the Phoenix section! Honestly a lot of this stuff is so old it doesn’t apply anymore, but I am weeding it out as I go along.

Daughter at 4 Years
Every night, the rest of the family hands her a binky (pacifier) to sleep with. And every morning, Mommy takes it away. Apparently I am the only one who worries that her still wanting a pacifier to sleep with at four is abnormal… even my Mom says, “Have you ever seen a twenty-year-old with a tete? No? Then don’t worry about it.” But anyway, I do worry, and I am pretty adamant about binky going to sleep in the morning so I can understand what on earth Daughter is saying when she talks.

Saturday morning, then, Daughter was zipping around, doing this or that while I ate breakfast and let her work off some energy. I was still eating breakfast when she stopped abruptly beside me, and this was strange enough that I looked up.

“MOMMY,” Daughter said with a ferocious frown. “Are binkies NOCTURNAL?”

I gaped at her, which she apparently took to be a sign of complete incomprehension. She explained, “Because they’re always SLEEPING during the DAY!”

…at which point I started laughing hard enough to hurt my ribs, and I kept laughing and laughing until she started giggling too, and then she skipped off to do something else.

Are binkies nocturnal. Where does she come up with these things?? Now I want to draw a pacifier with bat wings!

Creative News/Plans
This week I will be working on Spots stuff, since the Kickstarter has ended; I have patch design to do, an epilogue to write, and a lot of stuff to order/prepare to send out. Thank goodness the actual book layout is already done! I just have to do the cover…

I am going to be busy. In a good way. :)

Look for the Rosary Kickstarter to launch sometime this week or early next, also. I now have a rough schedule put together for the year, so if there’s some particular project you are especially in love with, you can see if it’s on the list and when it’ll be hitting.

Finally, Tabard is re-designing my remaining Stardancer spaces. Have a look at the Very Prehtteh front page she did for me!

Elsewhere (The Biological Discovery Edition)
Study Reveals Health Benefits to Massage. Go go science proving things! I’d love to have massage covered under health insurance. -_-
Two New Blood Types Identified. Apparently there are some anti-cancer drug resistance issues with people with certain (newly discovered) protein types in the blood.

Quote of the Day
Real difficulties can be overcome; it is only the imaginary ones that are unconquerable. – Theodore N. Vail

  1. :lol: Well, I don’t know what a 20 yo with a tete is or would look like… and being childless am not in the best place to make too many observations… BUT, that said, when I was in college, both… BOTH… of my roommates (brothers) would throw themselves down on to the two most comfortable chairs after dinner, and plop their thumbs in their mouth for a good hour.

    They left me to wash the dishes and clean up after dinner (which I cooked) I didn’t like them very much.

  2. *delurks & throws confetti!!* I’m so excited about the Kikstarter!! Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Hurray!!

  3. I have filled in my Kickstarter survey. As I am not only in foreign parts but overseas please let me know if I should send more money to cover the badge postage.

  4. Does our participation in the Kickstarter mean we’ve preordered our print copy? If not, where do we go to do that?

  5. Huh, it looks like this one did not make it over to LJ. I wandered over looking for more Spots news (fully funded, YAY) and didn’t see anything, so I went to Stardancer and then here.

    Congrats! I am very excited to get a print edition, and a Team Kitty patch. I need to replace my much beloved hoodie…


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