Monday with News and Comic!

“Noooooo doooon’t doooo itttttt”

Alas! The Kickstarter went backwards over the weekend! We are now at $1120. Still, we’re over goal so I am a happy camper. I am doing mock-ups of the new cover based on the assumption we won’t make the stretch goals for new cover art (thus, my recycled ancient art; and yes, don’t worry, I know everything is imperfectly centered/unfinished!).

Still, anything can happen in 13 days. We shall see!


Other news: Rose Point is at 152 pages and going well; spoilers are appearing on the wiki’s Eldritch page as I do a data dump from my head. The Earthrise and Claws and Starships audiobooks are in progress. I am on track for my summer goals; I only wish I had more time. I would love to get to Faerie Farmer this year, and keep moving on the sequel to Morgan’s book…

Ah well. One thing at a time, do it until it’s done, line up the next and repeat. *nods*

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