Monday with Mommy and Daughter Art

It’s comic day!

Word of the Day
parlous, adj. Attended with peril; fraught with danger; hazardous.

From Old French perillous, derived from Latin periculosus, the adjective form of periculum, “peril, danger, hazard.” Also forms the English word “periculous,” which I like and have used in fiction, and Spanish’s peligroso, “dangerous.”

Games Workshop News
I have some… there will probably be a post tomorrow.

Daughter at 5 Years
My daughter is learning to write! This results in lots and lots of notes being delivered to me. Witness this one, which appeared on the kitchen counter after I told her she still couldn’t have dairy:

Her spelling’s pretty good for 5! Also, if I’m not allowed in the house, does that mean I can go for a walk by myself? >.>

Creative News/Plans
Saturday on Livestream I got the new cover done for “Unknowable,” so that it now matches the rest of the Jokka books. Have a look! This I did to have an audiobook cover ready, since the audio edition just came into my box and is fantastic.

For the rest of the week, I’m going to push on getting Book 3 of the Jokka trilogy done. I’ve got this book and Godkin 2 to deliver by summer, so no lollygagging for the jaguar.

Earthrise is $10 from its Thursday episode; the Three Jaguars comic is $10 from its Friday comic.

Elsewhere (The “Rocking It Oldschool” Edition)
101-Year-Old Man Retires From Running Marathons. O_O
Blacksmiths Forge Armor for Vatican Guards. Actual real armor! Fabulous photos in this one.

Quote of the Day
Act with kindness, but do not expect gratitude. ~ Confucius

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