Monday, with Gender Typing

Word of the Week
primaveral, adj. Of, in, or pertaining to spring.

Since I know a lot of people are hoping for this! From Latin, of course, prima vera, “springtime.”

The Daily Post Becomes the Weekly
I still enjoy doing these posts but I’ve gotten busy enough (and tired enough) that I can’t seem to keep up with them. So I’m going to try dialing down the frequency to once a week, see if that helps. *crossed fingers*

Daughter at 5 Years
“Look, Mommy!” she says as she dances to the school gate. “Look what I got! It’s a girl!”

I look, obediently. She has a little paper doll (but made of cheap wood) with a pack of markers, a party favor meant to be colored. “Wow, that’s neat!”

“We got it because it was someone’s birthday at school,” she says and then she scowls. “But I really wanted the dinosaur.”

“The dinosaur?” I say as we walk to the car.

“Yeah, there was a smiling dinosaur, it was SO CUTE, but only the BOYS got dinosaurs. All the girls got these.” She eyes her doll with skepticism.

“Well, that’s silly,” I say. “Don’t they know that some girls like dinosaurs?”

“I KNOW!” Child exclaims as I buckle her in.

“And some boys might really have wanted your doll,” I say. “They should have let people pick.”

“The dinosaur was so cute!” she says again with a sigh. Then brightens. “I know! I’ll draw him!”

“Good idea,” I say. “That way you can have the girl and the dinosaur.”

So Child draws the smiling dinosaur on her notebook and colors both it and the doll on our way home. As I open the door for her, she says, “I’m going to give these to you and Daddy! Daddy can have the dinosaur and you can have the girl.”

I pause at the door, savoring the irony, when she stops on the seat with a frown. Then she looks up at me. “Unless YOU want the dinosaur, Mommy?”

“No, that’s okay,” I say. “I like them both.”

“Then I’ll give you the girl,” she says. “Because she has easter eggs, and easter eggs have CHOCOLATE in them.”

“Now that I will happily take, any day.”

Creative News/Plans
This weekend I took five pages of the comic from blank page to uploaded and scheduled, plus I penciled another seven, so I feel pretty good about that; the comic is scheduled into May now, which is very good for Artist’s stress-level. Otherwise, I have been working on All The Novel Edits, in the hopes of clearing off some things from my plate by summer so I can have my head free for new things.

Elsewhere (The Popular Science Edition)
Cure for Earworms. Is apparently to do puzzles…?
Being Mean Starts in the Crib. I hope this study is wrong and we aren’t actually hardwired to like it when people like us are mean to people who aren’t. :P

Quote of the Week
I feel that there is nothing more truly artistic than to love people. – Vincent Van Gogh

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