Monday, Bleary

Word of the Day
ephebe, n. 1. A young man.

Here’s one I’ve never heard. Etymology reports: “From the Greek for a young man just entering manhood and commencing training for full Athenian citizenship. Comes from the roots ep-, “near”, and hebe, “manhood.”

Wiki Page of the Day
I put up a lot of information over the weekend, mostly about the Eldritch, so pages like the one on the royal House are beginning to look less like stubs.

Daughter at 4 Years
Yesterday (sick) child bounced out of bed, all ready to go looking for Easter treats. I was already awake, and she woke Daddy up, and together we all went wandering the house, looking for no less than three little baskets, which she found and was quite content. Daddy at that point went back to bed, leaving me to start breakfast for the two of us.

As I was opening the oven to put the bacon in, Child said, “Mommy? Did Daddy hide those Easter baskets for me?”

Since it had been my plan to maintain the fiction of the Easter bunny, I was quite taken aback. “Uh… maybe?” As she twirled around, I asked, “Why would you say that?”

“Because,” Child said, “that would be a nice thing for him to do for me.”

“I’m glad you think so,” I said, and said no more on that mystery.

Creative News/Plans
This week lots of stuff converging (despite Easter vacation and working around Child being home): the Rosary proof and the Spots patches should both arrive Wednesday. So I am prepping for those two things.

Black Blossom is posted, and we should get another installment this week if donations allow.

Finally, Godkin’s posted a “Coming Soon” blurb for Godkin with hints of some of the illustrations I did… it’s pretty shiny! Go have a look.

Elsewhere (The Animals and Cameras Edition)
Researchers Recreate Bee Collapse with Pesticide-laced Corn Syrup. I know several of you keep bees and thought this might be interesting.
Spot the Thief! Big Cat Burglars Stole a Hidden Camera. Look at the pictures!

Quote of the Day
A deadness occurs in relationships when people are no longer willing to tell each other how they really feel. – Shakti Gawain

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