Mindline is Done!

…I just put the last line on it a few minutes ago. It is just under 100,000 words (about 200 words short), which puts it at 400ish pages, about the same size as Mindtouch. And I finished it in just about two months. I can’t remember how many days are left in November, but it’s less than a week, and I started writing the first week of October, so.

I should be ready for first-readers in a week or so. My planned publication date for Mindline is second or third week of December, depending on how fast I get the cover together. But here is my pledge to myself (made in public, so all of you can keep me from failing in my charge!): I will not try to finish another novel this year. I can write for fun, I can drop chapters here and there on projects that entice me, I can write short stories if I want, but I will not Try to Finish Anything.

This constitutes a vacation for me. I am going to enjoy it. *nods*

And now to buy a dragon. >.>

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