Kickstarter Schedule for 2013

Last year I ran five Kickstarters and made good money, but found that doing so required me to work my tail off. Having taken the day job, I have been thinking a lot about whether I should do any Kickstarters at all this year, particularly since I’m still finishing up the material for the last ones.

And yet, you know, the Kickstarters are fun. And having a day job means that I can set the goals a lot lower (because I keep a bit of my new salary set aside to pay for my publishing business expenses)… and any money I make over that is gravy I can plow right back into paying artists and voice actors and designers. Good stuff! This doesn’t change that my time is very limited though. So my thought now is to build all my Kickstarters to require minimal effort to get you your prizes.

My first two Kickstarters of the year (and they may be my only ones) are going to be book-related.

The first, for the Jokka novels, will be to help pay my cover artist and designer for the last two books of the trilogy. The prizes for these will be the e-books and print books, because those are relatively easy to send off. I’m pondering what to offer as stretch goal prizes, but ideally it should be something I can pay someone else to fulfill (like Zazzle for merchandise, or the patch or coin companies for memorabilia). I may ask the artist if he’s willing to consider offering Kickstarter-only swag. This one will tentatively happen in late Spring.

The second will be an experiment in getting you copies of the new Even the Wingless audiobook—yes, my most violent novel is going to get an audiobook edition by a narrator with a terrifying ability to make you believe he’s crying, laughing or interested in you—and for that one the prizes will probably be the audiobook and maybe the e-book and print book editions. My hope is that with some creativity I’ll be able to get you a discount price on the audiobooks if you buy them through the Kickstarter, and that hopefully this will entice more people to try one. ACX is paying the voice actor, so I’d like to reward their trust by earning their money back for them. If there’s any left over, I will put it into an audiobook promotional account, so I can send reviewers copies. I like the idea of patches for a stretch prize for this one… like the Alliance Diplomatic Corps patch! That would be fun. This one is planned for late Summer.

Above all, what I want to avoid is writing or drawing new material. My ‘write/draw new stuff’ schedule is already full with the Kherishdar guidebook, whatever new serial I plan for Q3/Q4 of 2013, and whatever novel I end up writing in summer.

If running these doesn’t turn out to be burdensome on top of my other responsibilities, I might do another at the end of the year, maybe to pay the layout costs for the Three Jaguars collected comics print-book. As always, if you have ideas, I am listening!

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