Jaguar’s Black Friday Bazaar!

That’s right! Today’s the day of year most businesses start turning a profit… why? Because everyone’s buying presents! And isn’t that a pretty awesome reason to spend money…

But anyway! Since it’s the biggest shopping day of the year, I thought I’d mention my offerings:

My shirts, mugs, bags, notebooks, stickers, etc on Zazzle feature everything from funny llamas and knitting blue-footed boobies to gamer humor to my enormous fantasy paintings. You can even pick up prints if you’re so inclined. Zazzle is having a tremendous Black Friday sale, too! 60% off prints, 50% off cards, 30% off mugs, 20% off shirts and bags and 15% off… everything else!

Look, I even made a new holiday card for it:

Reindeer with Ornaments Card
Reindeer with Ornaments Card

If books are more your speed, you can buy gifts for people through Amazon, Smashwords and Audible with the various “Buy as Gift” options.

If you’re not shopping for yourself, you can always add my work to your wish lists! Maybe someone will pick it up for you!


Now, one of the things I like best is shopping at small merchants, local businesses and among other creative crafters. I know lots of you are selling awesome things too! If you’ve got something you’d like people to come check out, please, leave a description and a link on this entry. Hopefully lots of people will participate and it will be like a little mini-fair. And more of us will find cool people to buy gifts from!

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