Note About the Website

…it looks like 1and1, my provider, has broken the blog portion of my website here, and they aren’t doing anything useful to fix it. I’m investigating moving to a new provider. Meanwhile, the website itself still works! So please use it! But if you need news about what’s happening, for now everything’s over on my livejournal, or you can ask me directly on twitter.

  1. Prof. Godel Fishbreath

    Thanks for your efforts.
    There are anti stress stuff on the internet.

    On the ‘pile more on Maggie’ front, I am hoping for interior art, at least enough to identify each character. Or failinig that, each major character. The archives seem to be able to supply most of this, most of the time. Alysha’s Fall lacked such, but many of the others have had a goodly amount, which, since it is your grace notes in your stories, is wonderful, and us readers should be happly.

    I was sampling Jokka shorts, as one I had bought was included in a larger story. And one, a ten pager, only had the page that said that it was an electronic book. Sometime, on a not urgent basis, please include at least the first paragraph?

    And again thanks for all your works.

  2. Laisrathera? Oh my word I am excited! Can. Not. Wait.

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