Jaguar-Painted Holiday Cards on Sale This Weekend (50% Off!)

I just noticed Zazzle was having a 50% off sale on cards and invitations this weekend, coupon code SUPERWEEKEND! I have some cards available on Zazzle. These are my holiday cards… as in, the ones I have sent myself, after painting the fronts and then writing poetry for the interiors. Every year, most years, I make my own cards, and when I’m done with that design for the year, I post it for you all to use if you wish. :)

I have both Christian and not-religious cards (scroll down for those). These are the Christian ones:

Madonna and Child Christmas Card card Father's Prayer Christmas Card card The Light Within Christmas Card card Winter Wishes, Summer Land Holiday Card card Christmas Affirmation Card card

The first two just say “Merry Christmas” on the inside; they were painted at a time when I was no longer making full-fledged cards, so I never wrote poetry for them. The third, “The Light Within,” is a devotional poem about being a vessel for the Divine. The fourth is my card about celebrating Christmas in a climate with no snow; that poem’s gently humorous. Finally, the last one is an affirmation card, with a poem about hope in the season of love.

Note: you can read the poems on Zazzle, if you want to see if you like them.


I also have five non-denominational cards:

Walking Reindeer Happy Holidays Card Reindeer with Ornaments Card Solstice Greeting Card card Midwinter Dancer Solstice Card card Gene Angel Holiday Card card
The first two are happy reindeer with ornaments cards (family and non-family editions). The third, the solstice greeting card, has one of my favorite poems in it (it’s hard to describe). The fourth is themed on being a dancer in the midst of change and lessons learned. The fifth is a bona fide “Order of the Universe” holiday card; the poem was from a card I used in college, but the design on it made no sense so I put the new “Gene Angel” painting on it, which does, since the poem is about the wonders of science and the reflection of those wonders in us as people.


Zazzle not only gives a volume discount on cards, you can mix-and-match them… so you could buy five of one kind and one each of the others and still get the 10-card volume discount, for instance. Very nice! If you’re bored of holiday cards, you could toss in a Happy Llama Loves You card, or an Ai-Naidari word card.

Finally, an apology to anyone whose holiday I did not make a card for. I didn’t want to be presumptuous, making cards for holidays I’ve never celebrated. But I am thinking of all of you, no matter what you celebrate–or don’t! :)

Anyway… use them if you will! Enjoy them!

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