It’s Comics Day! and Publishing News

Business Manager tells it like it is.


I have the final, amazing image for the Earthrise cover now in hand (you will see it tomorrow!), plus a tidied-up epub, so I expect I’ll be spending this week publishing the e-book editions. I also have a Kickstarter to launch, it’s just missing a video. The print edition is in pretty good form already also.

It is weird to realize I don’t have a serial to post this week. o_O


I am also 150 pages into Mindtouch. Looks like I started seriously writing it April 14th? Sometime between the 11th and the 14th, anyway. At the rate I’m going, I hope to have it wrapped up within a month. I’ve got my new, improved 2013 publishing schedule up:

Note this is my publishing schedule, not my serial schedule. And I know the Guidebook isn’t on there! I haven’t figured out where it’s going yet. But it will go on there somewhere. As deeply as I’ve been bitten by the need to finish a big cluster of these Eldritch storylines, I can’t escape the Ai-Naidar. They’re always with me, and I’m looking forward to relaxing with them once the summer/fall push is over.

Maybe the Guidebook can be my serial for a while. -_-

Anyway. Onward!

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