It’s Comics Day! and Musings.

Getting to my favorite part…


As I mentioned yesterday, the Mindtouch print edition’s been approved, so I can move on from that project (I am full up on audiobook projects at this point, and can’t fit anymore on my schedule until Daniel finishes Earthrise). I’m preparing for the Alysha’s Fall Kickstarter at this point. That’ll be my next print edition, and I can’t wait to see Mike’s new illustrations for it! Exciting times.

It’s funny… I have a lot of people tell me I am successful, that I am a trail-blazer, that I am pioneering audience/author interaction/community-building… that I make more money than most people do writing fiction (and this from people to whom I’ve actually divulged numbers). This seems ridiculous to me. How can I be so relatively unknown and also be all those other things? Maybe this is one of those cases of spectacular perspective loss or something? *shaking head*

All I can say is that if I make more money than most people who write fiction… yikes.

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