It’s Comics Day! And Car Doodles

Marketer explains the effect of audience expectations on sales.


Reminder that tomorrow I am hosting a livestream get-together at 9 PM EST! I’ll be drawing comics and chatting with people who stop by (or listening to you chat to each other). Tomorrow I’ll put up instructions on how to join.


The Kickstarter’s doing well! Today we’re at 207% funded, whoot! Pony-jaguar will be taking a break posting updates over the weekend, as has become customary, but look for more fun on the project blog Monday.


Finally, some car doodles:

Tired jaguar is tired. I liked how the colors in this one came out. And the flopped over ear.

One of the best quick sketches I’ve ever done of the Chatcaavan Emperor. How about that!

Don’t cry, emo jaguar. Tomorrow’s another day to keep trying!

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