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Conversations with the Ai-Naidar

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Language and locations, culture and customs, biology, psychology, and history… worldbuilding an alien world for a fiction series can be a monumental effort involving notes, maps, drawings, and resources…

..or you can do it Jaguar-style, and just talk to the people.

Conversations with the Ai-Naidar gathers seven years of “meta-conversations” between the author and her aliens as she struggles to understand their culture and language. Interspersed with scribbled notes from the author’s original sketchbooks, Conversations offers insight into an artistic process, perfect for lovers of the Kherishdar series, and anyone fascinated by the creative brain.

Come into the writer’s parlor!

Best read after the Books of Kherishdar.

Genre (setting): low fantasy/implied science fiction (Kherishdar)
Tags: worldbuilding, meta, linguistics, posts, journal, sociology, culture, writing, process
Rating: PG for emotional situations