I Promise I’m Not Working This Week!

But I did get the proof of the Kickstarter book today! Lookit, it is shiny!

Okay, so my photos are bad. But anyway… book! I approved it, and I swear that’s all I did. It’s up on Createspace’s site now, and will percolate out to Amazon and beyond in the next week, which is when I will worry about the e-book version. See? Not working!

I am also not working by writing fiction! And have gotten to an exciting part of the Jokka sequel, where we start to learn how Roika’s empire conquered Ke Bakil in Thenet’s absence. Writing fiction is fun, so I swear I’m not working by doing this! I don’t even make myself write a certain number of pages a day! If I write three or I write twenty, it’s all good.

Finally, I swear I’m not working by messing with the last Kickstarter I’m planning to run for the year! Seriously, at this point it’s just fun stuff. Well, fun and puzzles, and puzzles are fun, right? As I mess with the prize levels. Most of it is still at a draft level except perhaps the Story part, but… it’s all fun and games until I have to make a video, right? Right!

See? Totally not working!

*looks hopeful that this worked*

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