Good News for My Print Readers

The Bloom proof has arrived, and looks beautiful! I will probably okay it for sale within a couple of days. (And no, the orange spill is not on the cover, I just thought it was artsy and beautiful when the kitchen lights reflected off it that way so I left it thus!)

Meanwhile, Amazon has instated a program that allows publishers (like me!) to discount e-book editions of novels for purchasers of the print edition…in other words, if you bought a print book from me on Amazon, Amazon now lets me sell you the e-book for less, in this case, half off! So if you’re a print lover and still want the e-book version, I encourage you to seriously consider shopping at Amazon so you can get the discount. I’m excited about being able to offer it! I know as a reader it frustrates me to have to buy a full-price book twice, not because I don’t want to give the author more money, but because I often can’t afford it. Having access to a cheaper e-book edition makes it easier to decide which to get…!

I hope to be able to offer more print editions in the future. They’re costly to set up, but I love the feel of them in my hands and I love being able to offer them to you all. Things like this make it easier for me to justify the cost. I hope other retailers follow Amazon’s lead. :)

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