Good News Everyone! And Impending Kickstarter

Four business days and ~$160 in postage fees later, all the Alysha’s Fall prizes have left my house, the new edition is available online, and the print editions have made it to retailers! I am finally able to take this book off my project board.

2014-02-10 17.31.33

Look, Ma! All clean!

Anyway, having finally delivered on my promises to my backers I am ready to turn around and get moving on the children’s book Kickstarter, which has been waiting in the wings since last fall. It needs a video but other than that I think it’s ready to go.

Preview Link

As you can see, I’ve added the e-book as a stretch goal based on your requests. I’ll be paying someone to do that, though, because picture-heavy e-books are outside my expertise.

I am trying to keep this project lean because I’m hoping it will have significant spillage I can route into other projects. There will be no audiobook editions this year, for instance, if I don’t replenish my capital… and I need money for the few artists and contractors I employ, because I value their time and want them properly compensated. The AF Kickstarter dragging out so long had a huge impact on my profit margin last year and I am way below my projections for Q1 2014. And yes I am unashamedly using business-speak, because I really want the art to represent a significant safety net against the loss of my job. I like Daughter’s School. I want to make sure she goes to it even if my university position gets axed because of the constant budget battles.

My intention is to launch this one Monday, February 24th. It’ll run for three weeks, so we should wrap up by end of March. I’ll be shooting the video this week and adjusting anything that needs adjusting based on feedback, and then we’re going to get this one done.

Re-reading this I sound super-serious. That’s because I am concerned, I guess. o_o But I don’t want to lose sight of the fact that until AF, all the Kickstarters I’ve run have been tremendously fun! It’s exhilarating to see What Happens Next, and to join all my backers and friends in eagerly anticipating how far something will go. So I am going to focus on that. We’re going to have fun with this one. 😀

Mark your calendars! Tiny dragons are coming!

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