Friday with the Crazy Week

It’s comics day!

Word of the Day
eurhythmic, adj. 1. Characterized by a pleasing rhythm; harmoniously ordered or proportioned 2. Of or pertaining to eurhythmics.

From the Greek eurythmia, “good proportion, gracefulness,” and now I understand the band name.

Daughter at 5 Years
…had a nightmare, something I intuited when she startled rustling around in her room. I went in there to talk to her about it, then tucked her back in and returned to bed.

Ten minutes later there was a little shadow at my side. “Mommy?” she whispered. “Can I sleep with you?”

“Sure, sweets,” I said. “Go get your pillow, okay?”

So a moment later she returned with her pillow. And left. And returned with an armful of stuffed animals. And left. And returned with another armful. I became aware through my utter drippy exhaustion that she was beginning to stack her side of my bed with plush dolphins, rabbits, mice and sharks and said blearily, “Choose one animal.”

“But…what about Bear!” she said, distraught.

“Okay,” I said. “Choose two animals.”

So Child, Bear and Rabbit came into bed. I leaned over, eyes still closed, and tucked her under my blanket… her little toes were icicles! And then flopped back down. Experimentally she set her toes on my leg and when I didn’t pull away left them there, and within heartbeats they were toasty again. I marveled seriously at her circulation, and wished I had it.

Some more rearranging. Then she tucked her knees against my back and became a little snail-shell girl there and boom! Out like a light.

How unexpected this warmth and weight, and how precious this trust. How much longer, I wondered, would I get this privilege? Of being her shelter.

I don’t know. But how wonderful it is to be able to, for the time that I’m given.

Creative News/Plans
I have my head down in Bloom. Am scheduling the remainder of the work for Godkin Book 2: the editing won’t be hard, but finding time to paint now that I’m going back to work… not so easy. :/ And trying to get some contractors in motion for art for a re-issue of Alysha’s Fall in paperback and the covers for the Jokka books. I haven’t touched the audiobook stuff for a bit, it’s been hectic. o_o

Also spending too much time on the legal stuff. I should have a decision about that soon which will probably dismay people.

Elsewhere (The “Came From my Inbox Because I Still Have No Bookmarks” Edition)
Bats in Need. Adorable video in this IndieGoGo campaign update. Seriously.
Center of the Universe Would Taste Like Raspberries and Rum. So I guess those giant amoeba creatures from Star Trek had a good reason to be snacking…

Quote of the Day
The highest reward for a person’s toil is not what they get for it, but what they become by it. – John Ruskin

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