Friday with News and Comic!

I didn’t intend this story to get so emotional, and yet… it went there. What can you do?


The Alysha’s Fall Kickstarter ends Monday! and now has a $300 pledge. O_O It’s currently 139% funded, and I am really happy with that number. I’m looking forward to getting that project moving once the illustrations get back to me, and the new introduction. This is the first Kickstarter where I’ve had to rely on so many people to get the product made and it makes me a little uncomfortable. Hopefully they’ll be timely.


Novel is moving along well, and is currently 228 pages. I also finished all the illustrations for the children’s book yesterday! And I should be signing the Godkin 2 contract in the next couple of weeks, which should get me a definitive release date for that project. As I mentioned before, I’m going to sit down this weekend and crunch some numbers on the rest of the year, see what I can afford to do and how to pay for it. I will tell you more about those decisions when I’ve made them.

That’s it for Friday! More as it comes up. :)

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