Friday with Comic

It’s comic day!

Word of the Day
gnathic, adj. Of or relating to the jaw.

Etymology reports: “From Greek gnathos (jaw). Ultimately from the Indo-European root genu- (jawbone, chin), which is also the source of chin, prognathous, and Sanskrit hanu (jaw). Hanuman (literally, having a large jaw) was the name of a monkey god in Hindu mythology. Earliest documented use: 1882.”

Space Marine News
More reviews are popping up, and they are good. I’m so glad people are seeing the value of the format! I’ve also rejoined SFWA after *mumbleelevenyearsmumble* I’m curious to see what the organization’s like these days.

Daughter at 5 Years
Lately Child has taken it upon herself to start packing my lunch for me, the way I do her snack. I’m amused at how carefully she’s observed me at this task: she’ll go get a paper bag, draw on it (and she’s begun doing “mommy and baby” images just like I do on hers), and then fill it with food she thinks I should eat.

“How about these?” she says of her goldfish crackers, and then, “Oh wait. These have wheat in them.” And then she’ll get the step-stool and climb all the way to the top of the pantry and fetch down the gluten-free animal crackers. “These don’t have wheat or dairy in them! So you can eat them. But now you need healthy food… how about raisins?” And so on.

I am amused at how much food she thinks I need for lunch. Today I looked in the bag and found she’d put in an entire pear, a banana, a box of raisins, and a quarter of the box of animal crackers (so many she had to get a freezer bag instead of a sandwich bag to fit them all in). Mommies apparently need a lot of sugar to keep going.

I thought maybe this would be a one-time thing… but no, she’s done it three times already. This is what you do for Mommy, it seems. I am tickled.

Creative News/Plans
This weekend I hope to catch up on my comic backlog. I’ve only got a month scheduled out right now and I really want it to be closer to two. So that’s my plan for that. I’m also about halfway through Part 3 of Bloom, which means I should be done with it by the end of March. That’ll give me time to switch gears and go to work on Godkin 2 before the deadline.

Elsewhere (The “Awwww!” Edition)
Coolest Dad Ever. Apparently daily sent by a husband to his deployed wife of himself and their daughter.
Koko’s Visit to Mr. Rogers. Apparently the gorilla loved the show and recognized him. :)

Quote of the Day
Humility is not thinking less of yourself, it’s thinking of yourself less. ~Frederick Warren

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