Friday the First Day of Vacation

Sounds like I should do a “Twelve Days of Christmas” spoof, doesn’t it? The 3 Weeks of Jaguar Vacation…

Word of the Day
bruit, v : report or rumor, usually used with “about”

From Anglo-French bruit, meaning “clamor” or “noise.” Has an archaic noun form, meaning the report of something, particularly something favorable.

Huge Sale
Zazzle is just having day after day after day of these monster sales… like 65% off stuff, it’s crazy; here’s the current crop of sales, but if those wear off, there’s more here. I just bought $60 worth of stuff for like $17… anyway, here’s my store, and of course if you’re bored of my stuff there’s Kit’s (I just bought her Dawn and Dusk postcards, so pretty!) and Tod’s, who is going to upload a unicorn picture I want to buy. Right, Tod? >.>

Daughter at 5 Years
Every morning we pick a PBS show to watch after breakfast. We record a selection of these so she’ll always have a choice, because choice is fun! And lately it’s been either Curious George or a vocabulary-teaching show about a talking dog, Martha Speaks. So I will turn on the TV, navigate the crowded and confusing DVR menu and get to the episode lists, where I will read the titles and descriptions to her so she can choose the one she wants.

“We have a new Martha,” I said a couple of days ago, moving the cursor down to it.

“Really! What is it?” she asked.

I squinted at the description, scanning it so I could find some way of summarizing it, and I was still doing that when Daughter said, “The Dog Did It.”

I blinked and looked at her, then looked at the title. Which she’d read. By herself. Which she’d picked out from among all the rest of the writing on the screen, and it was full of writing, as the thing I was looking at, and read correctly.

“The Dog Did It,” she repeated to me.

YES!” I said. “Yes, that’s what it’s called! You read that? You read that!”

“The Dog Did It,” Daughter agreed, a little smugly now.

“Wow,” I said. “Yes! Would you like to see that one?”

“Yes, please!” she said.

So I put that one on for her and then marveled… not just that she’s finally beginning to read, but that she was able to navigate a very cluttered interface to find the relevant thing to focus her effort on. Reading we already know is a critical skill… but I never really thought about how figuring out arcane interfaces is just as crucial, especially for the generations growing up in our computer-saturated world.

Also, Martha Speaks is adorable and I wish the theme song would get out of my head. -_-

Creative News/Plans
I am on vacation! WHOO! So I am writing and drawing for fun. That’s still Jokka Book 3, which continues to be fun because it’s an upward trajectory from all the tragedy and horror of Books 1 and 2. I’m also doing enough of the budget to see how much money I can spend tomorrow at the local art store’s customer appreciation sale… I have this little sketchy of Keshul I’d like to color and I don’t have what I need for it.

I’d also like to mess with a little more Ai-Naidari vocabulary. We’ll see if I have the time this weekend between Christmas preparations.

Elsewhere (The Science! Edition)
Human Brain Wired for Harmony. That’s harmony like literal music harmony.
One Gene Allows Horses to Move in Unusual Ways. Complete with video of a truly bizarre-looking gait.

Quote of the Day
An artist is not paid for his labour but for his vision. ~ James MacNeill Whistler

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