First-Readers Call: A Bloom in the North

Tomorrow I should have the current draft of Bloom ready for first readers. I’ll be looking for continuity issues and nitpicks on grammar/typos/wordos/etc. (Yes, Archangelbeth, you can argue with me about commas!) Ideally I’d like a handful of readers. To be tapped I need you to be familiar (as in “have recently re-read”) The Worth of a Shell, “Fire in the Void,” “Stone Moon, Silk Scarves” and Pearl in the Void. If you’ve read the published books but not Pearl you can still volunteer, but you will have to read Pearl first and be willing to submit the same sort of continuity/grammar/typo/etc reports. Keep in mind that’s almost 900 pages combined, so don’t jump up if you don’t have the time!

If you’re interested in the books but not in checking them for typos/problems, I will probably be making 2-3 free copies available in advance of publication to people willing to write reviews. I will have a separate call then, so keep an eye out for it.

For now, pop me an email if you’re interested in the first-readership at haikujaguar at gmail.

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