Fashionable Friday

The Coat, Continued
There was art last night, go look!

Words of the Week Challenge
Here they are: brume, wuther and aesopian. Toss them together any way you like! Poem, paragraph, in your own journals, whatever pleases you. Link back here if you wish to share!

Daughter at 4 Years
“Come lie on me,” said I.

“Okay,” said Child, and as usual responded to this request by dropping onto my body (oof) and then clambering up it (ow) until she could get her head on my chest.

“Mommy makes a pretty good bed, huh?” said I. “Maybe not as soft as yours, but still nice.”

“You’re as soft as my bed!” she said.

“I am?”

Naturally, having inquired, I inspired her to test. So she put her palm on my breastbone and pushed. “Not HERE. This is hard.”

“Yes,” said I, and oofed as she tried the same thing on my chest.

“THIS is softer,” she said, and moved down to my belly. Press, press. “This is VERY SOFT.”

“Try my legs,” I said.

So she pushed on my thighs. “HARD,” she announced.

“How about my knees?” I asked.

“EVEN HARDER!” she said.

“I know,” I answered, nodding sagely.

She moved down to my toes and tried those. “SO HARD!”

“That’s because there are bones there, right next to the skin,” I said. “When the bones are close to the skin, it feels hard to us. That’s why my belly is soft. There’s no bone there!”

“No BELLY BONE,” she said, tickled.

“Nope,” said I.

She wiggled up and put her head on my belly. “This is the BEST,” she proclaimed. And a moment later, eyes closed, “You make a GOOD PILLOW, Mommy.”

And that, I believe, is the first day in all my life that I was completely at peace with my (pillow-plush) belly.

Creative News/Plans
I was going to do the Livestream card reading today and the Livejournal version Monday, but realized that would be kind of awkward with Black Blossom going up Monday. So today we get the Livejournal version. Watch for it at around 10 AM EST!

We are $5 toward more Rosary on Sunday. Another $10 gets you that post. If not, more on Tuesday.

Finally, hopefully, a new Pelted story soon! I just need to tweak and upload it. This one’s a bit of humor about a Harat-Shar. Six pages, 99 cents!

Elsewhere (Completely Random Edition)
RoomMates Peel and Stick Decor. Bored of your walls? Stick something to them. Everything from to-do charts to kids things to random pretty stuff.
Sleeves, Necklines and Collars. Ever wonder what different kinds of sleeves are called and what they look like? Wonder no more!

Quote of the Day
Where there is patience & humility, there is neither anger nor vexation. -St. Francis of Assisi

Stardancer Home.

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