Driveby News, So Much News, and Genets

* The Alysha’s Fall layout is done. I am working on the cover now. Mike’s still working on the illustrations.

* I’ve started work on the print editions of Pearl in the Void and A Bloom in the North. I’ll also have Dave do a pass on Shell to make it match the rest of the series. Hopefully those will be done by September-ish so I can take them to NecronomiCon in October.

* Also, I have an author table at NecronomiCon in October.

* The Wingless audiobook should be out on Monday.

* Rose Point is at 332 words. Took some time off on the weekend to hang out with Kit but back to work on it now! Still expecting it to be done by early September.

* I have decided that unless something crazy comes up, the children’s book will be my next (and last) Kickstarter of the year, tentatively scheduled for October. Street date for that will be November(ish). Amazon hasn’t responded to whether it’s okay with them to buy my own book from them. I don’t think they care, to be honest.

* I am going to put up a notice on the comics website about the whole quitting thing next week, including reminders to people to cancel their subscriptions (I can’t do it for them).

* Still waiting on a Godkin 2 street date. As soon as I know, you will!

* The quarterly newsletter will be going out the first week of September. I’ll be talking about my Kindle 2 raffle in it! You can sign up here.

* Finally, thinking of launching the November serial early (that would be Morgan’s book). Mostly because I miss running a serial and I can’t seem to write the Guidebook and Rose Point at the same time. (I will probably finish up the Guidebook in the space between finishing Rose Point and starting Mindline for NaNoWriMo). What do you think? Ready for a new serial? :)

Emo Elves Don't Sell
Seriously, look at them. The genets compel you.

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