Drawing a Blank

If I don’t miss my guess, I’ll be wrapping up Mindtouch this coming week.

Those of you who’ve been around for a while will have heard me refer to this project as “the college novel,” because it covers Jahir and Vasiht’h’s meeting at school and their years to graduation. When I really started getting into it, I guessed that this wasn’t going to be one book, but two… and now that I’m almost done with book one, I’m pleased to see my instincts were correct on that. There is definitely a book 2 due after this one.

There are a couple of things I did fall down on though. I didn’t think Mindtouch would be this big. I was expecting 150 pages for this story. Maybe 200?

I have over 400, and I’m not done yet. -_-

I’m not really displeased with that. I know you people tear through stories like sharks (NOM NOM NOM), so giving you something that will take you, say, two hours instead of one makes me cheerful.

I’m also really pleased with the nice names I came up with, which are both evocative and descriptive and sound like a set: Mindtouch and Mindline. That sounds like a science fiction duology.

…but guess what I forgot a duology needs. Yes, a series name. And I have no idea what to name the series. My poor overtaxed brain keeps offering, weakly, “the college novels?” at which point I try to strangle it. -_-

I’m going to have to hope I come up with something between now and releasing the book. Maybe my first readers will have an idea. -_-

  1. Could you stick with a similar idea for the series name? Not the exact same format, because I think that’d confuse people, but the same general connection to their relationship and work as the titles seem to have. (My brain’s blanking and I’m working solely on what I’ve read of the case studies and what you’ve said about the books, so the best I can do right now “Two Minds” so you keep the ‘mind’ part of the titles and then the titles can add layers and subtlety to what the series title means? Something like that in terms of relation is what I was thinking anyway…)

    I hope that makes sense and helps spark some ideas for you to consider at least! (So excited about this duology, by the by! I’m glad to hear the unexpected length also brings you some cheerfulness! Does that happen to you often? I get that almost all the time. >>)

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