Dancing Centauroid Aliens

“Which one of you listens to pop?” I ask. I’m not quite appalled, but… really? 80′s alternative pop? When compiling a soundtrack for this book, I was not expecting Tears for Fears, Erasure and pony music.

“Jahir’s the musician,” Vasiht’h says.

“Yessss,” I say, sensing this for a dodge. “But?”

Vasiht’h fidgets, then says, “He likes it too!” And then, in a spirit of confession, “Well, he listens to everything. I like listening to dance music.” He flexes his toes. “It’s fun to dance.”

Well, there was nothing for it, but to car-doodle him bouncing to the beat. As Stryck noted, Glaseah can pronk:

All of them dance, though. The Eldritch are taught as a part of deportment, though Lisinthir dances like someone dangerously male, and Jahir dances like a musician—naturally, when allowed. So I did all of them together:

Thank God I’m not an animator, because that scene would break my back. From left to right: Jahir, Sediryl, Lisinthir, Vasiht’h.

The book is going well, and is generating a lot of odds and ends, like this one: grids of the characters’ school schedules.

Yes, sadly, I did research on what classes come out of typical psychology and nursing programs.

“Jahir can dance,” Vasiht’h says. “I’ve seen him do it. I can tell you about it.”

“Did that happen when you first met?” I ask. “The discovery, I mean.”


“Hold that thought,” I say. Sincerely, because the case study where Vasiht’h and Jahir end up dancing has to be recorded.

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