Critter Micropaintings for Sale!

Child and I sat at the kitchen table to make art, and I did another batch of micro-critters! These are for sale because we went on an expedition today to find a Halloween costume for Child and I was appalled at the selection for young girls. All of them were girly, sexy (for kids her age!) or trashy. Plus, all the girl costumes were annoyingly princessy. The boys had superheros, monsters that looked properly monstrous, career options (doctor, FBI agent, etc), pirates, adventurey sort of things… and the girls had… various kinds of winged things in skirts. Even the scary options (like vampires) were sexy.

Child was bored by this. She wanted to be a shark; there were no shark costumes for anyone her age. Animal costumes are for toddlers or infants. If they survive into her age range, they once again become sexy versions, with skirts and wink-wink-nudge-nudge ears and face make-up.

Um. No. So I found a shark costume online that looks like a SHARK and bought it for her. Sales of microcritters will help heal my bank account of my moment of rage-induced lack of discipline. -_-

All critters are $15, and postage is free in the US (unless you want to toss in a little to cover it–thank you to those of you who have!). Postage outside the US, though, I have to calculate and charge.

Here they are:

2013-10-12 17.38.46
Quasi-hippocampus 1: Part horse, part shrimp! ON HOLD

2013-10-12 17.39.24
Quasi-hippocampus 2: Part horse, part eel!

2013-10-12 17.39.55
Dragon! SOLD

2013-10-12 17.40.35
Sea-dragon! (Rainbow at child’s request, muted at mommmy’s discretion.) SOLD

Before people ask, the vague letters you see on some of them are the stamp of the paper-maker’s mark. It’s an authenticity thing, telling you I used super-expensive paper (by the manufacturer who made paper used by Michelangelo!). :)

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