Comic Friday

Oops, I forgot to post this. Comic continues!

I am roughly 4000 words off from being done with NaNo. The book probably wants another 10K, maybe more? So I’ll keep going through November and stop when I’m done with the book. I think I’m on track to have December off, though, which pleases me. :)

Having said that, though, this one is a lot rougher than my usual books. Not in terms of “I wrote it wrong and have to rewrite it” but in terms of “I need to go back and add more to a lot of paragraphs because I was just trying to get it down before it fell out.” That kind of editing is fun, but it’s kind of interesting to me that this book is going to need a lot more of it than any of the others I’ve done recently. That’s probably significant in some interior calculus… suggests that this is crystallizing something in me I was avoiding.

Novel-writing as therapy. A book about therapists! Jahir and Vasiht’h would approve. :)

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