Comic, and Veteran’s Day

Today, we feature an ad drawn for one of our Kickstarter sponsors, Ellen Million! Telling you about her exciting projects. Tomorrow, we start a new storyline… yes, I know, on a Tuesday. Think of it as Hyper-Content day. :)


Today is Veteran’s Day, and as always, I thank all of you who served or are serving in our armed forces, American and allied. This seems to be a good opportunity to put Spots on sale at Smashwords; you can use QT29D at checkout to get half-off the book. As always, a portion of my Spots profits go to veterans’ charities. Pick it up here for yourself or a friend. :)


I am over 60% done with the NaNoWriMo challenge, which is the uninteresting statistic; the one most of you want to hear is that the book is 245 pages and I’m close to the climax. After that, there is going to be a long and wonderful denouement that I am going to love writing and (hopefully) most of you will love reading. I am on track to finish this book before Christmas… I will keep you posted!


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