Car Doodles: Jaguars, Ponies, Book Covers.

From the end of last week!

Luci, one of the characters from “Mindtouch.”

Speaking of which… cover designs for the duology about Jahir and Vasiht’h in college.

Blue Jaguar Car Doodle…

…looks amusingly like the author photo I took that day.

“When I Make Art” is a sort of artist statement.

And finally, Pony Jaguar was long overdue.

Interestingly, Pony Jaguar has glasses, but Jaguar-Jaguar doesn’t. Author Jaguar does, of course. Normal contacts make her vision too fuzzy and astigmatic-correcting lenses make it impossible for her to focus on close things for too long without her eyes hurting.

We’re heading into a new week! And it looks like our first Kickstarter of the year will be for Earthrise’s print edition. If you have suggestions for prizes, I am all ears!

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