Car Doodles: Dragons, Elves, Exploded Jaguars

I’ve been remiss, not posting these. I sort of feel like… my life has become a car doodle: all quick things, stolen from my day, and not enough time to sink into any of them or relax. This is not good for me, but I have no sense how to correct it yet.

But enough complaining. We do what we can with what we have!

The Slave Queen. She’s not pink, naturally, but it’s what I had to work with.

Sehvi, Vasiht’h's younger sister, whom we meet in Mindtouch.

Exploded Jaguar. Too many thoughts lately about the transformation of art across media.

Meta-conversational: Jahir chiding me for Pandora’s soundtrack. I spent a while remembering his face. He has a squarer jaw than the rest of him. (And yes, his hair gets trapped in his coat. Doesn’t everyone’s, with hair long enough?)

And there you have it, for bad photographs of art drawn too quickly. Maybe I will win the lottery and I’ll be able to cease rushing around like a chicken without a head. Though for that I should probably buy a ticket.

*shakes head*

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