Book Launch: A Rosary of Stones and Thorns

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I tried shopping it to fantasy publishers, who said it was far too rooted in Christian themes… and then I tried shopping it to Christian publishers, who said I was blasphemous. What do you do with an urban fantasy about the Apocalypse that takes forgiveness, sin and redemption seriously? When the priest questions his own faith, the Champion of God is misshapen by his own jealousy and fear and the devil is on our side?

So I threw an innocent out of Heaven and watched to see what happened next. What happened was my impossible-to-market urban fantasy about faith, trust and human souls.

When the angel Asrial discovers that the halos of the Fallen have been maintained in Heaven against the possibility of their eventual return, she speaks out against Archangel Michael’s plan to make war on the Fallen on Earth. For her insolence, she is driven from grace and ends up in the parking lot of a Jesuit high school. But can she, a priest, a demon and two high school kids stop the Apocalypse… and redeem the Fallen?

The editions for this book are among my favorites. The e-book is embellished with little graphics; the print book is a gorgeous form factor, just perfect to hold, and beautifully laid out; and the (just released!) audiobook was narrated by Daniel Dorse, who did my Kherishdar series, and he brought a multiplicity of voices, accents and attitudes to all the characters and scenes.

I didn’t do a lot of art for this story; at the time I was writing it I was not confident with human portraiture and often avoided drawing people. But these sketches seem good to me, so here they are:

Asrial, for the Rosary Website Arial Curled Up Angel and Demon Asrial and the Horn of Plenty Asrial

The people who fell in love with this story often tell me they picked it up despite the description, and that it didn’t turn out at all to be what they expected. All I can say then is… try the sample. It might smell like a mug of coffee but it’s actually a cup of tea! And it might be yours. :)

So, Rosary! Something edgy, because it’s earnest and it’s about love. And as always, if you enjoy it, please consider leaving a review or a like, or pass your copy to someone else!

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