Birthday Birthday Jaguar

I’m not sure what I’ll do with the day, since it started out a little rocky. But I think I will try to get to church, I haven’t been to a mass in a few weeks and I’d like the quiet time. And maybe I’ll write another fluff bit if I have a chance.

Meanwhile, I wanted to share this lovely fan art Akilika@LJ did for me! And Rion wrote me a lovely advance review of Rose Point I can’t wait for you all to read.

*frowns a bit* I’m not sure why WordPress decided to thumbnail her back, but it is work-safe, honest. :,

I wanted to come up with some awesome thing to ask for, like happy pictures or random act of kindness stories, or something, but… I can’t think of anything. So instead I’ll say thank you for all the birthday wishes. :)

  1. Happy birthday! I hope the day is fun and relaxing.

  2. Happy birthday! Wishing you a wonderful day! :d

  3. Happy birthday! I hope you’ll have/are having a wonderful day and that the coming year will bring you lots of joy and goodness!

  4. Well happy birthday, fellow libra!

    -The Gneech :cool:

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