Audiobook Launches: “Second” and Ursa Major Award-Winning “In the Line of Duty” #SFWApro

That’s right, two for one this time! In this case, two stories from the Alysha Forrest series, #2 (the novella “Second”), and #2 (the short “In the Line of Duty”). Amazon links take you to the story landing page; you’ll have to select the audio version from the Format listings.

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“Second” takes us through a leadership training seminar, set on at a mountain retreat:

Ensign Taylitha Basil wasn’t sure what to expect when her ship dropped her off at the officer training retreat at Quickwater Preserve. A hike up the mountain? She’s not much of a hiker. A trip down it in a canoe? Even worse, she’s not a great swimmer. An obnoxious peer who put himself in charge? An and Bast preserve her.

But all of that seems manageable when she meets Alysha Forrest, one of the Diamondwing’s ensigns. In years to come they would serve together on the Stardancer as an unbeatable command team. Here, then, is the story of how they met and forged their relationship during a training exercise far more dangerous than anyone planned…

Narrated by the warm and personable Jean Ruda Habrukowich, who brings a lot of zest and energy to the conversations between Taylitha and Alysha.

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K Orion Fray gives older Commander Forrest a smoky voice in the aural version of “In the Line of Duty”:

When the UAV Scattersky answers a distress call, their captain is expecting a routine rescue operation and dispatches his first commander, Alysha Forrest, to manage the transfer of personnel. But naturally, things are never as easy as they seem on the surface….

It’s a great pleasure to get some more female narration into my audiobook library! I’m really pleased to be able to offer you these two lovely shorts. “Duty” is short enough for a commute, and “Second” is split into chapters for your convenience. If you’re looking for science fiction about friendship, and about honor and duty and all those good things, check these out! And as always, if it pleases you, leave a star rating, a like or a review—oh please do, because reviews sell books!—or check out my other audiobook offerings. :)

  1. Your first sentence indicates these are both #2 in the series. Are they linked, or is that a typo?

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