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Earthrise, to me, was a story dominated by its banter. The editor who read it told me the secondary characters nearly stole the show, they were so alive, and the dialogue between Reese and Hirianthial is what develops their relationship, with Reese’s constant exasperation and Hirianthial’s formal straight-man responses. Imagine my delight, then, to hear this book read aloud and find that the dialogue is even better when performed! That Reese and Hirianthial playing against one another are laugh-out-loud funny, and new to me, and charming. I listened to the scene where they first met while commuting, and spent the entire car ride giggling over my steering wheel.

This is a book that loves to be read aloud. It’s a book full of voices, it’s an adventure, it’s a little romancy and a lot fun. It is fourteen hours of fabulous acting. Just wait until you hear the Harat-Shar in Part 2. Two words: Southern accents. I about died.

Daniel Dorse, who did the Kherishdar books for me, returns for this one… gives Hirianthial a refined baritone and Reese a husky, growly counterpoint. If you loved his rendition of Thirukedi, think of a younger, more engaged version and join me in fanning yourself over the results. He told me that he really enjoyed this project and was looking forward to the sequel, and you can hear his relish in the narration. I think it’s a fine thing when a book can unite actor, author and listener for a good time. More like that, please!

So! Earthrise, the audiobook edition. Space elves, irritated merchant captains, and the crews that put up with them. Pick it up, if you’re in the mood for adventure (in space!). And as always, if it pleases you, leave a star rating, a like or a review—oh please do, because reviews sell books!—or check out my other audiobook offerings. :)

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