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Moe Egan returns to give voice to another female Jokkad… in this case, Jekun, the pampered anadi “princess” of House Sadlan. I loved her smooth-as-water elegance when she voiced Kediil in “Freedom, Spiced and Drunk,” a story that really wanted a measured and lyrical delivery… but from Egan’s voice samples I knew she could do feisty, so I asked her to give Jekun less gravitas and more indignation, and she delivered! The narrator’s emotional transition really shines with a professional giving voice to it, and I was fascinated by Egan’s performance. She gave it a real weight while keeping it believable as Jekun goes from angry to lost and every other emotion in between. I have good memories of being at a long stop-light, hands folded over one another on the steering wheel, so intent that I was leaning toward the speakers. It was a performance that rewarded the consideration.

Slowly, slowly, we are getting all the Jokka shorts voiced. At 45 minutes and just under $7, I hope you enjoy “Anadi Dolls” as much as I did! As always, if it pleases you, leave a star rating, a like or a review. Sales of this audiobook (and most of my others, listed here) provide royalties to both writer and narrator, so you’re feeding two mouths with one purchase, or supporting two artists by recommending it to others. Thank you all for that…!

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