the_swan_queen_by_mcah-d4tx87j think__think_by_mcah 4e04e387b5835b3f4c9edcb189ba354a dragon_beloved_by_mcah-d8okhh3

dancer_with_bones_by_mcahthe_bramble_bride_by_mcah-d4n5xw0 mother__s_guardian_by_mcah hadara_and_the_sun_king_by_mcah
I am primarily a gouache painter of fantasy and science fictional themes, with some whimsy, cartoons and food art thrown in for good measure. You can find archives of my work online in the following locations:

MCAH@DeviantArt: A good place to go for highlights; with a few exceptions, I only upload finished work to DeviantArt.

Art Archive@Stardancer.Org: My largest art archive is on; there are over 3000 sketches and finished pieces there, with descriptions, searchable and browse-able. Definitely the place to go for a whole picture of my work, from scribble to finished piece.

I do not currently accept commissions, but many of my works are available for sale as originals or prints and merchandise.


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  • I read one of your books Mindtouch out of the desire for a new book, something different. I was completely and unequivocally entranced. Your imagination and creative talent has created a wholly unique universe. I love your work and look forward to reading more!

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