So now that it’s official, I can say: I’m going to be at this year’s Anthrocon, thanks to Ursula Vernon, who’s lent me her spare bed. Can you imagine the mayhem! Imagine the mayhem! Seriously, we’re already making jokes about the beer and live active yeast, and you probably have to have been there or something.

But anyway! I’ll be there Thursday night to Sunday morning (and flying out around noon), and I’m on something like Five? Seven? Eight? Hours of panels about every conceivable writing subject, including one on “Dark and Difficult Topics,” which apparently is right up my alley or something. I’ll also be hosting a “Bring Your Own Coffee” kaffeeklatsch, and if I sneak some cookies into that they’re for me, you tell the convention center staff that. I don’t want to get anyone in trouble for not paying for their food service. -_-

I’m hoping to see a lot of you there! And if you’ve never been to an Anthrocon, it’s in Pittsburgh and it’s a fun time… it becomes like a furry holiday in their downtown, with costumed folks dancing in the streets and contests in the local pubs for best fursuited karaoke. That town loves their furries.

I close with Brendan’s excellent haiku on the subject:

Badgers at a con
Biting, drinking, where’s my snake?
Bring me one more bee

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Genderqueer sci-fantasy writer, animal geek, conlanger, pyrographer, painter, doodler, jewelry artisan, web designer, Kemetic, and musician. Snake-crazy.
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