All-Day Meeting Doodles

Friday I had a meeting at the Day Hobby from 8:30 AM to 3 PM. My coworkers assured me doodling was fine and were in fact fascinated by my brush-tipped markers—I always grab a random handful of Copics and entertain myself making do with whatever palette I’ve inadvertently selected—so I did, in fact, doodle.

A lot.

Here are most of my efforts for the day.

My coworker challenged me to duplicate one of the paintings on the conference room wall.

Jaguar is not sure about this coffee being decaf.

Skeptical jaguar has something to say. (My boss liked this one.)

Random Ai-Naidari Lady.

Happy Ai-Naidar together.

A Northern eperu picking something.

Southern emodo and Northern anadi chatting.

The Chatcaavan Emperor was a bit of a challenge with no gray marker.

Some characters from Godkin 2. (I did another page of these but they were really spoileriffic so I didn’t photograph.)

Pony jaguar, with fancy shoes.

Pony me is tired, do you reeeeeeallly need her?

And… that’s all of them! There were a few others but I didn’t bother to photograph them. -_-

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