365 Sketch Promise

Having noticed that last year I sketched almost not at all, this year I decided I would produce at least 365 sketches, one for every day. They don’t have to be done one per day–if I am crazy-inspired, I can do 17 (and did, one day)–but at the end of 2014, I need to have kept those muscles moving and neurons firing.

So far I have done 77! And… not scanned any of them, because No Time. But I’ve taken some bad photos of some of them, and here are some of the ones I’ve liked:

Dragon companion! I want one!

Mid-air kissing.

(Yes, from Mindline.)

(Forgot my pencil! Sketching with ink pen, fun.)

Anyway, if you’d like to see all the things I’m sketching, they mostly go on Twitter. I’ll try to remember to post a few of them here when I have a moment. No promises though, as my head is pretty far sucked under with the writing. (Yes, I went from writing a novel to starting work on a novella within two days. I need to stop that.)

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