3 Jaguars Backlog Done! (Now What!)

I’ve finished penciling and inking 25 pages; if I throw in the 5 pages I’ve already done (that are now buried on Livejournal), that will give me 30, a backlog of a little over two months at the 3x a week rate (assuming donations on the second month). These still need to be scanned and uploaded with dialogue, but the time-consuming part is finished.

Which means now I can do… something else. For the rest of the year! I suspect I will work on the Ai-Naidari guidebook for a bit. Or go to work on Bloom. Or both! I have Godkin edits due, too, but I haven’t signed the contract on those, which means the due dates aren’t set yet. Those shouldn’t take me more than two days, though, once I get started. Scheduling the art’s going to be the hard part.

*checks 2012 to-do board* Yes, I think that’s most of what I have planned, other than miscellanea like “try out podcasting” and “formally launch Black Blossom.” Oh, and Kickstarter fulfillment. And the Earthrise stuff. And approve the Rosary audiobook chapters as they come in…

You know, business as usual. -_-

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