2014 Off and Running!

So let’s talk news!

Laisrathera is already 31 pages and growing! Estimated release date for that is March of this year. It’s going to all come together! It will be glorious. I hope. 😀

• I just approved the “Second” audiobook, and also gave it a new cover in anticipation of using it for Kickstarter prizes—

• —and I’m doing thumbnails now for the Alysha’s Fall illustrations. Tomorrow I’m going to go get some good paper and start working. It’s time to kick that out the door so I can get moving on the children’s book Kickstarter.

• We are $10 (or 2 reviews) short of our next bonus serial post, tomorrow!

• Print edition of Mindline is in progress! I hope to have that ready this month. I’m also going to do a test print edition of a short story, see how that looks.

There are a lot of irons in the fire, as usual, but my focus for this month is getting Alysha’s Fall to backers… and, of course, writing Laisrathera. As other things shift and start moving, you will hear about them, right here! Yes indeed, I am off vacation and it feels good! Rar!

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